Scottish Health Live Jobs is a video job board for careers in social care

Recruiters post job videos in the app.
Candidates apply with a video from their phone.

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Job candidates

Apply with an authentic 60 second video saying why you are interested in the job post . No cv required !

Attitude is often as important as experience so don’t hold back 🚀. Upload a short video from your phone and save your favorite pitches in your app video gallery for additional applications.



Employees want more than a job they want to work in a place where hard work and compassion are highly valued. Showcase your video gallery where potential hires can see a “ day in the life “ of someone in your team. Easily share your videos on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and email.

Candidates apply to your job video post with a short video so you can save time on first interviews by reviewing clips that you can easily share with other decision makers.

You can also IM, voice, or video chat with any applicant without leaving the app.

Unique Features


Instant Messaging

The instant messaging functionality is encrypted to military-level standards so not even ScottishHealth app can read your messages.


Voice and Video calls

The in-app voice, video chat enables recruiters and job applicants to stay in touch and share job updates.



ScottishHealth app enables recruiters to share interactive broadcasts or podcasts as comments float on the screen from other users.


No Resumes

No Word or PDF resumes are stored in the app and only an image of your CV or link to your Linkedin profile can be viewed by any recruiter.