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H2 Startup is a social video sharing app for the energy transition community , particularly focused on hydrogen startups.

Get paid for video consultations.

Make a video to

  • Pitch for funding for your hydrogen startup.
  • Share information about the award of new contracts .
  • Introduce your hydrogen team.
  • Advertise a hydrogen  job vacancy ..candidates apply with a video pitch.
  • Pitch for a hydrogen job .
  • Pitch your remote subject matter expert or mentor business.
  • Crowdsource hydrogen research information.
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Key Features

LinkedIn profile

Upload an elevator pitch, that’s connected to your LinkedIn profile.

Elevator Pitch

Simply share your Elevator pitch or just watch hydrogen videos.

Promotional Videos

Watch promotional videos in the app .Hire  a broadcaster or fund a startup.

Latest News

Watch and share the latest news about hydrogen developments.

Broadcasting Station

Create your own hydrogen broadcasting station in the app.Crowdsource information and find hydrogen jobs by sharing video clips.

Live stream Podcasts

Make live stream podcasts as comments float on the screen.Watch other startups as they livestream.

Very Active Community

Crowdsource help to transition into the hydrogen supply chain.. We  need  ambitious entrepreneurs looking to build and scale disruptive ventures in the 21st century hydrogen economy.  H2startup is for subject matter experts, job hunters , investors and entrepreneurs looking to build the hydrogen economy today.  Build the connections, strategies & investments you need to scale your hydrogen startup.

Focus of App

The app focuses on hydrogen coaches, startups , advisors ,job hunters and employers, enabling all parties to make short promotional videos they can share on social media or send on email.

Professional Platform

Simply pull out your phone and start recording, because on H2startup the more “real” a video is, the better. Whether a tour of your home-office or an interactive livestream on how a hydrogen fuel cell works , content that gives viewers an insight into the culture of your organisation can attract loyal followers – and is free to make!

H2startup is a professional platform,for energy transition startups,that can help grow your business and attract a loyal following .

Committed to making the world a better place for children yet to be born.


App available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.


Who We Are

Founder ,Colin Rawlinson Chartered Fellow CIPD , is a veteran Oil & Gas Headhunter who is passionate about supporting startups in clean energy .

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